20 cities in France where transport is free! | Public transport list

Are you a fan of free public transportation? Bus, metro, tram, bike and self-service cars are your way of life?

Some 20 cities in France already offer free - if not free then almost free - public transport services for everybody.
About 20 cities in France already offer free - in some cases, nearly free - public transportation options at no cost. Copyright LuxC. 

Here are 20 cities in France that offer free transport to their inhabitants. Economical, ecological and civic-minded!

1. Châteauroux

2. Gap

3. Manosque

4. Aurillac

5. Aubagne

6. Châteaudun

7. Colomiers

8. Libourne

9. Vitré

10. Issoudun

11. Figeac

12. Mayenne

13. Bar-le-Duc

14. Cambrai

15. Compiègne

16. Le Touquet

17. Cluses

18. Castres

19. Levallois

20. Boulogne Billancourt


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