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Why did Rey get a yellow lightsaber at the end of the Star Wars movie

Whose lightsaber does Rey have at the end of rise of Skywalker? Where did Rey get the yellow lightsaber? Yellow lightsaber Rey. In the old canon (now Legends, no longer part of the canon continuity), the yellow Lightsaber Crystal was intended for the Jedi Guardians. As said, no longer canon. 🔹   Of course, it could only be for merchandising reasons, but I could well imagine that it has a deeper meaning. Palpatine believed that if she killed him, the spirits of all past Sith Lords would pass into her. It's debatable whether Rey killed him or Palpatine killed himself.  But if she killed him, and the spirits of all Sith have passed into her, but at the same time she has the spirits of all Jedi within her, then she has balanced the Force within herself and with the yellow crystal she wants to symbolize this balance. We don't know if she is still a Jedi or if she wants to rebuild the Jedi Order. But the "I am all Jedi" suggests that she is quite determin

Is Personality Inherited? This is how genes affect personality.

To what extent does the personality of parents passed down to children? Personality of parents passed down to children? We have all heard expressions like "he has his father's bad temper", "he is as nice as his mother", "his grandfather was also naughty as a child" and so on. Since it seems that our way of being is something that runs in the family, to what extent is personality inherited? What is more important when it comes to defining it: genes or environment? Genetics and behavior, what's the relationship? As with most animals, human beings inherit DNA from their parents, half of which is made up of the mother's DNA and half of which is made up of the father's. This genetic inheritance influences various aspects, including our behavior , character and values . Nevertheless, and this is the point that differentiates us from animals, is that we are able to set goals and have aspirations, which can be promoted by the enviro