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United States recognizes: Plane that crashed in Afghanistan belongs to its army

But the US army deny that the plane was shot down by the Taliban.

US military plane crash in Taliban territory.
US military plane crash in Taliban territory.

United States forces in Afghanistan have acknowledged ownership of the aircraft that crashed in the east of Afghanistan on Monday. 

It is a U.S. military plane, although they have denied that it was shot down by the Taliban and have dismissed the claims made by the insurgents as "false".

American E-11A crashed earlier in Ghazni province. 

While the causes of the incident are being investigated, there is no indication that the crash was due to enemy fire," Sonny Leggett, spokesman for U.S. forces in Afghanistan, said on his Twitter account.  The U.S. official then called the Taliban's claims "false".

In an earlier statement, the Taliban had claimed responsibility for shooting down a U.S. military aircraft, in which "all the crew members of the plane and CIA (U.S. Central Intelligence Agency) officers on board were killed.

The Taliban's claim came after Afghan authorities claimed that the plane that was shot down was a commercial plane belonging to a local airline, although this assumption soon lost ground as the companies denied it and images of the incident, pointing to a U.S. aircraft, were released, which the United States finally confirmed. U.S. officials, under a cloud of obscurity, described the aircraft as a small U.S. military plane carrying at least a dozen people.

The incident took place at around 13:30 local time (9:00 GMT) in "an area under Taliban control" Ghazni Khaliqdad Akbari's provincial. 

Sources reported to EFE that "recently, several planes and helicopters of the army forces were shot down by the insurgents and their proxies" in several places in Afghanistan.

At first it was thought to be a passenger plane, but the Airline Company has denied it

At first, Sarwar Danish, the  vice-president of Afghanistan, said in a televised statement that the plane that crashed was a passenger plane belonging to the local airline Ariana, which the company itself later denied in a statement.

The official version, "still preliminary," offered to EFE by the spokesman for the governor of Ghazni, Arif Noori, pointed out that "no passengers survived" and that, although the number of deaths is unknown, it could be as high as "dozens. Noori also noted that after the impact, the local people "have taken out two bodies, both of the pilots.

Regarding the ownership of the damaged aircraft, he said it was not possible to know for the moment because "the plane caught fire after the accident and the logo and name of the plane were unreadable.

Afghanistan has been living an intense struggle since 2001, when a coalition led by the United States overthrew the Taliban regime, which has been fighting to regain control of the country, where they now dominate large areas. 

At present, the Taliban and the Americans are holding talks to try to reach a peace agreement that will enable the Taliban to negotiate with the Afghan government.

The last major passenger plane crash in Afghanistan occurred in 2010, when 43 people died on board the local Pamir Airways aircraft, which crashed in northern Afghanistan due to bad weather.