Sony would launch the PlayStation 5 in February and carry solid state disk

After months of speculation, Sony confirmed the launch of the PlayStation 5 and established a launch window for a probable date for February 12 of this year, according to the NeoGAF blog. However, other versions indicate the month of October or even the More pessimistic, December this year.

  • As for the price, according to analyst Hideki Yasuda of Ace Research Institute, the new console would reach the market with a cost of $ 499.

PlayStation 5.
PlayStation 5

PlayStation 5 in February with solid state disk.

Although the launch of the console is close, more details about its hardware have emerged slowly but surely.

PlayStation 5 in February.
PlayStation 5 in February.

PS5 graphics

The PlayStation 5 "allows fundamental changes in what a game can be," said Mark Cerny, the chief architect of the Sony system to Wired.

The console core will contain a new chip for processing all operations of its operation and an AMD graphics processing unit. The first is based on AMD's Ryzen line, while the second is part of Radeon Navi GPU line.

What that means to you: PlayStation 5 is built on chips that have not yet been released.

But Cerny also said that the next PlayStation hard drive is "a true gamechanger." Because, for the first time, the next PlayStation will come with a solid-state drive.

It will also be able to produce 8K graphics. Yes, 8K, but in the case of the games registered in that resolution.

PS5 will be able to produce a new type of graphics.
PS5 will be able to produce a new type of graphics.

Although it will be able to produce 8K images, we don't expect any game to take advantage of that for some time. After all, there are hardly any 8K combos available for sale, let alone a broad audience of people waiting for 8K content.

This ability seems more a measure of protection against the future and what will be the new standard of visual fidelity.

On the other hand, among the known specifications, the PS5 will be able to produce a new type of graphics called "Ray Tracing."

In short, it is a term for what is essential "more detailed and precise lighting." A central component of video game graphics, like all other visual media, which means how lighting is applied.

On August 20, the Let's Go Digital site, revealed a patent document of the alleged design of the PS5 or PSV, for its unique design, which Sony would have registered in Brazil, where it also registered the PS4.