Plague Inc. becomes the most downloaded game in China thanks to Coronavirus

Thanks to everything that is happening with the Coronavirus from China, the game called Plague Inc. has become the most downloaded app.

Coronavirus Plague Inc. Evolved.
Coronavirus Plague Inc. Evolved.

The Coronavirus has become the most talked about disease today and it's no wonder, as it seems to have started to spread around the globe without any control.

That's why many people try to get as much information about this virus from China as possible, even if the source of that information is a video game.

Coronavirus Plague Inc. Evolved 2.
Coronavirus Plague Inc. Evolved.

The most downloaded app

With recent events, it is important to be able to prevent the spread of Coronavirus and there is just one software for mobile phones that can help predict the behavior of a virus on a global level.

That game is called Plague Inc, which allows you to "create" a virus and see how it starts infecting the entire population.

In this game you must spend points to make your disease evolve and make it resistant to more and more things, as well as adding symptoms to it by spending more points.

Coronavirus Plague Inc

Although it sounds like something very strange, it's a pretty interesting game that can keep you playing for hours.

And it is precisely this title that has managed to crown itself as the most downloaded application from Google Play since the talk of Coronavirus began.

Being that we are facing a disease that could end up infecting more people than we think in a short period of time, many players have decided to start looking at how to predict the movement that this virus could have around the world, while others are just looking to recreate in an exact way everything that is starting to happen around the globe.

Anyway, the application is free and has purchases within the app but micro payments are nothing to worry about, so you can enjoy this game without having to pay anything.

Coronavirus epidemic

Currently, China is experiencing a real epidemic after the rapid spread of the Coronavirus, which has led to various authorities to take action on the matter, and where even the government of China decided to prohibit trips outside the city of Wuhan in order to control the virus which so far has already spread to several countries, including Thailand, South Korea, Japan and the United States.

Interestingly, following this emergency it has been announced that the strategy video game Plague Inc, a video game where the goal is to "achieve the end of humanity" has gained great popularity these days in the Asian country, managing to reach the number 1 position in the most downloaded applications in China through the Apple Store.

It is also currently among the list of best-selling video games on Steam, in addition to gaining great popularity on various platforms in recent days.