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Philippines: Taal Volcano is erupting and experts warn of possible tsunami

Experts studying the activity of the volcano in the Philippines warned that if the eruption rises to level 5, a tsunami will most likely occur.

Taal Volcano is erupting, 2020.
Taal Volcano is erupting, 2020.

Lava spews, hazardous eruption, Taal volcano video.

Philippines, Taal Volcano eruption 2020.
Philippines, Taal Volcano eruption 2020.

Taal volcano, giant plumes of smoke with explosive eruptions

A group of geologists from the Institute of Volcanology in the Philippines warns that if the Taal Volcano explosion rises to level 5, a tsunami will most likely occur in the area near the eruption.

Over the past few hours, the volcano has reached category 4 and activity in the area is still complex, so estimates by geologists and volcanologists on site are that the force of the explosion will continue to increase.

For safety reasons, rescue and safety groups are warning all residents near the shore of Lake Taal to evacuate the site as soon as possible as the massif continues to increase in activity after the explosion.

Philippines and Taal volcano

The warning from authorities was as follows: "If there are still residents in the vicinity of the lake area, they should be evacuated immediately as a volcanic tsunami is possible if Taal's activities continue to increase.

But how can a volcanic tsunami occur? This type of phenomenon occurs when in areas close to eruptions, mainly when these are lakes, the displacement of land due to the explosion causes water displacement and thus increases the deformation of the lake bottom mainly due to the increased presence of magma.

Taal volcano history

This past January 12, the Taal volcano erupted after more than 40 years (1977) of considerable inactivity, causing the evacuation of more than 24,500 people in the last few hours, while its ashes have already reached more than 60 kilometers away.

On the island where the Crater is located, there are about 2,000 people who, according to information from the authorities, have already been evacuated to protect their lives, since so far, the Taal volcano does not seem to lose strength.

Possible volcanic tsunami in the Philippines: Level 4 alert after the Taal volcano eruption.

Taal volcano eruption.
Taal volcano eruption.

The Taal volcano in the Philippines erupted this Sunday, for the first time since it was last, more than 40 years ago. 

According to the latest newsletter of the agency, "an imminent dangerous eruption is possible in a matter of hours or days." In addition, the agency warned of the possibility of avolcanic tsunami occurring within a radius of 14 kilometers from the main crater of Taal.