Mercedes Benz is inspired by Avatar and presents the VISION AVTR

The conceptual vehicle inspired by the award-winning James Cameron film features a highly innovative design that combines luxury and environmentally friendly technology.


Mercedes Benz, VISION AVTR.

Mercedes Benz, VISION AVTR.

Human beings and machines can merge and live in a responsible way with nature. That is the goal that Mercedes-Benz pursues with its concept car inspired by the hit movie 'Avatar' by James Cameron.

VISION AVTR (Advanced Vehicle Transformation) is an autonomous electric vehicle covered with “bionic fins” and other highly innovative luxury features that embody the future vision of Mercedes-Benz designers, engineers and trend researchers and the award-winning ribbon team.

Presented at the world's largest technology fair in Las Vegas, CES 2020, and within the framework of the tenth anniversary of 'Avatar', VISION AVTR has a striking curved design that evokes the fantastic beings that inhabited Pandora and four electric motors of high performance.

Mercedes Benz, VISION AVTR, 2.
Photo. Mercedes Benz VISION AVTR.

Thanks to the intelligent and fully variable distribution, the power of the four individually controllable motors is not only managed in the best possible way in terms of driving dynamics, but allows unmatched performance and efficiency.

Photo of Mercedes Benz VISION AVTR.Photo. Mercedes Benz VISION AVTR.
The Mercedes-Benz vehicle presents for the first time a revolutionary battery technology that is based on the chemistry of organic cells with the mission of completely eliminating toxic materials and metals. This initiative proposes a total recycling and a viable alternative to boost the circular economy in the raw materials sector.

The holistic concept of VISION AVTR combines the disciplines of interior, exterior and UX design. The bubble cabin is set with lights that change color, depending on the driving style and adapting to the momentary state of the driver.

Photo of Mercedes Benz VISION AVTR car.
Photo. Mercedes Benz VISION AVTR.
The conception of the vehicle accentuates the experience of the passengers focusing reflexively on their perception and their needs. Thus Mercedes-Benz VISION AVTR seeks to promote human connections, establish a close link with the machines, with the surrounding areas and the best: a close relationship with the natural environment, as proposed by 'Avatar'.