China Coronavirus | Face mask shortage in China

China mask makers cancel vacations, pay increases as a new virus stimulates frantic demand.

E-commerce platforms, including Taobao Alibaba, and Pinduoduo Inc. also pledged to take action against all suppliers who may attempt to raise the price of masks and disinfectants.

CMmask, in Jiande, East China, told Reuters that it will offer workers three times the salary if they return.

"Our factory is no longer available, but we have increased working hours by four hours, from 8am to 9pm," said Hu Qinghui, deputy general manager of CMmask.

China will isolate the epicenter of the epidemic and the city of 11 million people, Wuhan. 

The decision was praised by the World Health Organization as a decisive decision that could limit the spread of the infection but also increased fears about the virus.

Coronavirus china 2020.
Coronavirus china 2020.

Coronavirus could have already arrived in Mexico

Authorities begun to take measures that can prevent it from spreading.

The Coronavirus has already been reported to have reached Tamaulipas, Mexico in some way and it seems that the necessary measures are already being taken so that this does not become a national problem. 

This is exactly what the AICM is doing, since it is right here that the virus could enter the country more easily.

Interestingly, this virus has already been reported in the United States as well, so more of these cases could occur if the necessary measures are not taken in the United States.

China virus.

Coronavirus situation worldwide 

Four Chinese patients were taken to hospital in Scotland and after their return from China with flu-like symptoms were tested for lethal coronavirus.

Unidentified patients are believed to be from Wuhan, a city at the epicentre of the outbreak - officials today announced that the first person outside Hubei Province died in Wuhan. 

Up to 10,000 patients may already be infected in the city, scientists fear, 601 cases have been confirmed. 

Today, scientists have discovered that a virus never seen before can spread by coughing and sneezing from a nearby person - not just by saliva or close contact like a hug.

Tests on four patients in Scotland have so far failed to rule out the coronavirus. 

Three of them are reported to be undergoing treatment in Edinburgh and another at Queen Elizabeth University Hospital in Glasgow. 

All of them are reported to be in isolation and are believed to have flown to London in the last two weeks before continuing their flight to Scotland. 

It's unclear whether they're connected to each other. 

There is increasing pressure to do more to protect the public. 

Last night, passengers from Wuhan claimed they had just been waved by Heathrow and told to call NHS 111 if they were ill - despite government promises to "strengthen surveillance" of flights from Hubei.  

Three Chinese cities, including Wuhan - who had banned all flights to and from Hubei - were quarantined in a desperate effort to contain the virus. 

Officials in China's capital Beijing announced today that important New Year events in China have been cancelled due to a virus that can cause pneumonia and organ failure. 

Saudi Arabia, Vietnam and Singapore today confirmed cases, meaning the virus has spread to ten countries, including the US, where a patient is supposedly treated by a robot. 

Chinese officials have warned that it can mutate and become more deadly.