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Capcom announces Monster Hunter Riders with an exciting trailer

The success of Monster Hunter World has made many more players interested in the Capcom franchise. 

Below is the first Monster Hunter Riders preview:

Monster Hunter Riders video.

However, bringing out projects as ambitious as this game requires quite some time, so it is normal to know that the company is working on titles in the saga on a smaller scale.

Monster Hunter Riders video.

As proof of this, CAPCOM announced today Monster Hunter Riders, a new instalment in the series that will make its debut this year. Before you get too excited, you should know that the game is confirmed for now for Japan, where it will be released this winter.

Monster Hunter Riders is in development for iOS and Android devices. It will come to the market under a free-to-play scheme, so it will be possible to play for free and will have a microtransaction system where players will be able to obtain new items.

The game was revealed with an exciting trailer, which shows us in action some of the creatures that will appear in it. Monster Hunter Riders will tell the story of 10 legendary knights who saved the Earth with the help of some monsters.

However, a new danger is about to arise in the lands of Felgia, so your mission will be to destroy it in your role as a creature rider.

As you can see, the game will offer epic battles between your character, the monster and other creatures. 

Capcom promises a comprehensive customization system, eye-catching warrior abilities, and the presence of important creatures such as Rathalos, Zinogre, Nargacuga, and others.

The game will be constantly updated with new features, including more monsters from the saga. As we mentioned, this is a release for Japan and for now there are no details about its possible future release in the West.

Monster Hunter Riders will debut later this year for iOS and Android devices.