Apple would launch at least two low-cost iPhone models

As the new year begins and the CES 2020 is in full swing, rumours of the eagerly awaited iPhone SE are flying in.

  • The new rumors suggest that Apple has not abandoned the basic concept of the iPhone SE, but would continue in a different way.
Apple would launch at least two low-cost iPhone models.
Apple would launch at least two low-cost iPhone models

A lower-cost "entry-level" iPhone that would offer performance specifications comparable to the current lineup could come in the form of not one, but two new models.

It's well known that demand has built up for Apple to upgrade the iPhone SE; despite the popularity of modern 5.8-inch and 6.5-inch iPhones.

Many consumers still loved the more affordable, smaller size shape of the four-inch iPhone 5 era, and it was hard to argue with the price of $399 at a time when all modern iPhones cost nearly twice as much, and beyond.

While some people have given up hope that this will happen, new rumors suggest that Apple has not abandoned the basic concept of the iPhone SE, but would not approach it in the way that some people expect.

While many of the rumors reported called it the "iPhone SE2," in a report on the Mac Otakara website early last month, it was revealed that Apple might actually call it the "iPhone 9," a move that really makes sense considering that it would be a direct successor to the iPhone 8, and that Apple skipped the number nine in its rush to differentiate the iPhone X from everything that came before.

Of course, Apple does not have the obligation to fill that numbering gap, there was never an "iPhone 2", for example, but of all the things Apple could call it, the "iPhone 9" seems to make more sense.

"IPhone SE2" not only sounds awkward, but it associated it with the original iPhone SE in a way that simply doesn't fit many people, and although we heard rumors last year that Apple was working on something called "iPhone XE", it's fair to say that Apple is going to reserve the "X" series for those iPhones that have at least a full screen, if not also Face ID.

That said, there is also nothing to stop Apple from going in a completely new direction with the name, even though "iPhone SE" came out of nowhere, yet obviously SE meant "Special Edition" at the time.

An iPhone 9 Plus?

Now, a DigiTimes report has added further speculation that Apple may be working on two different models of its "iPhone 9". Although this has some logic: if the iPhone 9 is directly replacing the iPhone 8, there could certainly be a model of iPhone 9 Plus "to go along with it as well: DigiTimes relies on supply chain reports that simply say Apple is ordering different LCD screens.

This could be for two different devices, or it could be that Apple is simply looking for screens from different vendors.

Still, even if the evidence of such activity is incomplete, the story makes some sense. Apple continues to sell both the iPhone 8 and the iPhone 8 Plus at this time, and it is logical to think that one or both will be discontinued once the "iPhone 9" arrives.

If only one 4.7-inch model comes down, then Apple has the option of cutting the iPhone 8 Plus out completely, leaving no full-size model with the traditional home button design and a lower price, considering that the iPhone 8 also looks more like the size of the iPhone 11 Pro Max.

Reports have already come out predicting four or five new iPhones by 2020, and some analysts have even said there could be six, so there's definitely room in the lineup for this.

However, these speculations had set the year 2021 for the year that an "iPhone SE2 Plus" could arrive, but they also predict that it will be a more "X" style iPhone (perhaps the "iPhone XE") that would feature a full screen with OLED technology.