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Mars 2020 | NASA discovered possible evidence of life on Mars

NASA discovered possible evidence of life on Mars. To search for Martians are preparing a planet rover.

Microbial remains may be found in carbonates and stromatolites.NASA experts have stumbled upon carbonate deposits in the western region of the Martian Ezero crater. They concluded that there was probably a lake there. 

Researchers were also interested in sediments along the edges of the crater. They may show signs of ancient microbes, if not the whole ecosystem. Information about the geological study of the crater carbonates, where the rover "Mars-2020" is planned to be sent, was published in the journal Icarus.

According to scientists, carbonates appeared on Earth from the interaction of carbon dioxide, water and rocky materials. Being precipitated in the water, carbonates preserve the remains of the microcosm. 

They believe that they appeared on Mars when the atmosphere was rich in carbon dioxide and the climate was wet.

The probe found carbonates on the red planet back in 20…

The SpaceX Crew Dragon finally passes the static test of its exhaust system

After a first unsuccessful attempt in April in which the test capsule was destroyed, SpaceX finally managed to get a Crew Dragon to pass the static test of the exhaust system successfully.

The test began with two ignitions of a second of two of the 16 Draco engines of the capsule.SpaceX Crew Dragon passes the static testThe Draco is used to maneuver in orbit and to control the capsule's attitude, although in some cases, they would also be used to reorient it if it was necessary to activate the flight exhaust system. 
After these ignitions, the eight SuperDraco engines were started for about nine seconds. The SuperDraco is designed to take the Dragon away from the F9 rocket in the event of an emergency after takeoff.

Immediately after the shutdown of the SuperDraco, two Draco was fired, and the covers of the eight SuperDraco were closed, imitating the sequence programmed in the exhaust system to reorient the capsule and place it in the attitude necessary to deploy the parachutes.

In to…

Oxygen facts | Why is oxygen the most important element?

Oxygen is one of the most important elements on Earth, what is special about oxygen?
Appearing initially as a toxic waste of photosynthetic microorganisms, free oxygen now makes up about 20% of the atmosphere of our planet. Over the years of its existence, life on Earth has adapted to the oxygen atmosphere, and now most eukaryotic organisms use oxygen to receive energy in the process of respiration. Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine for 2019 received Gregg Semenza (Gregg L. Semenza), Sir Peter Ratcliffe (Sir Peter J. Ratcliffe) and William Calin (William G. Kaelin Jr) for his fundamental work, revealing the details of how eukaryotic cells perceive oxygen from the environment and adapt to its level. For bacteria and mitochondria, oxygen is an important end link in the system of protein electrical "wires", which scientists call the electron transport chain. This chain is used to oxidize food molecules to carbon dioxide, and the energy released in the process is used by the b…

Scientists discovered a new kind of graphene with unique properties

Scientists from the United States discovered a new, stable form of pure carbon from cheap raw materials. 

The material has extraordinary physical properties and can lead to the emergence of new electronics.The material they created was the result of an unsuccessful attempt to synthesize a carbon atom sheet consisting of pentagraphine rings. This type of graphene exists only in theory so far, but instead the scientists found a thin sheet with a new material.

The resulting material is harder than steel, conducts approximately the same amount of electricity and reflects light as a polished aluminum mirror.

Even more striking is the fact that it has ferromagnetic properties, i.e. it behaves like a permanent magnet at temperatures of up to 125 °C - until now, carbon has not been able to do so.

The material is much lighter than other ferromagnetic elements such as manganese, nickel or iron. Moreover, it is not toxic to the body. These qualities make it an excellent candidate for biosensors and …

Artificial intelligence killer robots have already became a reality

Countries are not trying to agree on the limitation of autonomous weapons, making it the most technologically advanced race in the world. 

There is no single definition, but experts from the non-profit organization Pax are sure that at least two countries already have killer AI.The top countries are not even trying to agree on the limitation of autonomous weapons, making it the most technologically advanced race in the world. There is no single definition, but experts from the non-profit organization Pax are sure that at least two countries already have killer AI.

Pax, a non-profit organization from the Netherlands, in a new report calls on the countries to agree on a ban on autonomous combat systems based on artificial intelligence, and it is likely that in the next war it will be not only people who will authorize the killing, some modern weapons are already claiming to be called full-fledged "killer robots".
Pax employees have sent requests to 50 major defense companies in t…

The mouse deer, thought extinct, reappears in Vietnam after 30 years

Since its discovery in 1910 only five individuals have been found, the last in 1990.

These are the smallest ungulates in the world, weighing less than 4.5 kilos.The Vietnamese mouse deer, a rabbit-sized species lost to science 30 years ago and thought extinct, has been rediscovered by scientists led by Global Wildlife Conservation (GWC).

The rediscovery in southern Vietnam of Tragulus versicolor, led by Global Wildlife Conservation, has been published in the scientific journal Nature Ecology & Evolution.

"We had no idea what to expect, so I was surprised and very happy when we checked the camera traps and saw photographs of a mouse deer," says An Nguyen, GWC associate conservation scientist and expedition team leader.

"For a long time, this species has apparently only existed as part of our imagination. Finding out that, in fact, it's still out there is the first step in ensuring that we don't lose it again, and now we're moving quickly to figure out the bes…

Scientists link a solar storm with observations by Assyrian Astronomers

Around the year 660 BC, astronomers from the Assyrian Empire saw the sky turn ominously red.

They wrote their observations in cuneiform writing on clay tablets. Now Japanese astronomers have linked the observations on these ancient documents to a solar storm.In the Assyrian Empire, which existed between 2000 BC and 609 BC in what we now call the Middle East, astronomers were already observing the universe. 

Often those astronomers were trained people who, by order of the king, made astrological predictions by means of heavenly signs. They wrote their observations in cuneiform writing on clay tablets. Some of these clay tablets have been preserved.

A team of Japanese astronomers, led by Hisashi Hayakawa from Osaka University, has now studied clay tablets from the seventh century BC. Among the 389 astrological accounts that the researchers looked at, there were three interesting clay tablets that they called R1, R2 and R3.

The red glowR1, R2 and R3, which were made between 679 and 655 BC, c…

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SpaceX wants to send three tourists to the ISS

The US space company SpaceX wants to send three tourists to the International Space Station ISS.

It is planned that the tourists will travel to the ISS in the second half of 2021 together with a commander in the "Crew Dragon" space capsule, as the Texas start-up Axiom - SpaceX's partner company in the project - announced on Thursday.Neither of the two companies gave any indication of how much the tourists would probably have to pay for the trip. 

The costs for the launch of the Falcon 9 rocket alone, which will transport the space capsule into space, amount to around 60 million dollars (53 million euros).

In addition, the construction of a new "Crew Dragon" capsule must be financed.

🔹 In this respect, the ticket for the flight should cost tens of millions of dollars.

In earlier years, a total of eight tourists had already travelled to the ISS in Russian Soyuz capsules. 

The first was US entrepreneur Dennis Tito in 2001, who paid 20 million dollars for a vacati…

A new species of insect was named after Lady Gaga for being eccentric. | Kaikaia gaga

Insect was named after Lady GagaBrendan Morris, PhD at the University of Illinois, observed the behavior of about a thousand treehoppers for his research project when he suddenly noticed one female who was different from the others.

Scientists decided to name the recently discovered insect in honor of Lady Gaga for their "eccentric sense of style," NME reports.

In the scientific publication Zootaxa, he and his co-author, the entomologist Christopher Dietrich, wrote about it "an additional cross m-cu (between the fourth and fifth longitudinal veins) in the front wing, as well as a frontal-clipella form".

Morris decided to call the insect "Kaikaia gaga" so that specialists could understand what kind of species we are talking about.

"If there ever is a Lady Gaga bug, it will definitely be a treehopper bug because of its crazy horns and eccentric sense of style. They don't look like anything you've seen before," he explained.

Now Morris hopes…

How the lungs of a person suffering from Coronavirus look | Photos

Chinese doctors have published an x-ray of the lungs of a patient with the coronavirus 2019-nCoV that has spread through China and other countries.

The images published by Chinese doctors are of a 33-year-old woman who entered the hospital after presenting symptoms such as fever and cough for five days.
CT Imaging of the 2019 Novel Coronavirus (2019-nCoV) Pneumonia. …

At the time of the woman's admission, doctors noted that her body temperature had risen to 39°C and heard the sounds of her breathing were harsh in both lungs.

Doctors examine the patient for coronavirusAccording to the results of the studies published in the journal Radiology, the patient had a clear deficiency of white blood cells, as well as multiple peripheral opacities in ground-glass in both lungs.
The outbreak of coronavirus that has put the whole world on alert because of its spread in several countries emerged in the Chinese city of Wuhan at the end of December …

"Very high at the global level." WHO has changed the risk assessment for coronavirus COVID-19.

The Director-General of the World Health Organization, Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, announced that the risk assessment of coronavirus at the global level has been raised to "very high". This was reported on Friday.

LIVE daily media briefing on #COVID19 with @DrTedros#coronavirus — World Health Organization (WHO) (@WHO) February 28, 2020

We have raised our assessment of the risk of spread and impact of COVID-19 to a very high level at the global level, he said during a press conference that was broadcast on Twitter by the organization.

The full briefing on #COVID19 by @DrTedros — World Health Organization (WHO) (@WHO) February 28, 2020
Chinese authorities told WHO in late December 2019 about an outbreak of unknown pneumonia in the city of Wuhan in central Hubei province. 

🔹 Specialists found that the pathogen is a new type of coronavirus. 

WHO recognized the outbreak as an emergency of international importance an…

Scientists propose to fight viruses with fullerenes

Fight viruses with fullerenes
Scientists from Skoltech and the Institute of Problems of Chemical Physics of the Russian Academy of Sciences have created water-soluble fullerene compounds that have valuable biological properties. The results of the study are published in the journal Chemical Communications. Thanks to this biological properties they can be used to develop effective antiviral drugs, including to suppress the human immunodeficiency virus (HIV).

Fullerenes are molecular compounds composed of three-coordinated carbon atoms, which are closed convex polyhedra. Depending on the number of atoms in the molecule, fullerenes resemble a soccer ball (C 60 ) or a rugby ball (C 70 ) in shape.

Compounds based on fullerenes have a pronounced antiviral, antibacterial, antitumor and antioxidant activity, so scientists have long viewed them as a promising basis for the creation of new drugs. Unfortunately, fullerenes are absolutely insoluble in water, which prevents their use in medicine.


Coronavirus - Satellite Images Show Abandoned Places Worldwide

Whether China, Europe or the Middle East - the new type of corona virus is spreading everywhere.

Large events are canceled, crowds are avoided. Satellites have captured images of partially abandoned infections increase with the coronavirus. In particularly badly affected countries, public life comes to a standstill. Satellite images from the US space technology company Maxar show the extent of the epidemic in a before-and-after comparison.

The Al Haram Mosque in Mecca, Saudi Arabia is the largest mosque in the world - there is usually a huge crowd here. Source: VIA REUTERS

Medications have positive results in research for the treatment of coronavirus; here are 4 possibilities

Medicine used against malaria for almost 100 years and others without approval in Brazil are among the most promising after tests.

Four drugs showed positive - but still preliminary - results in scientific research in the treatment of Covid-19, a disease caused by the new coronavirus. These drugs act at different stages of cell contamination. They are:

ChloroquineRemindLopinavir/RitonavirFavipiravirHowever, self-medication is not recommended, since research has not been fully completed and it is not yet known whether there are any side effects from use by patients infected with the coronavirus.
The study on Favipiravir was released on Wednesday (18) - it is sold commercially in Japan under the name Avigan. It was developed by Toyama Chemical, of the Fujifilm group, and has been used for over 5 years against Influenza. Its use is only authorized in Japan.
The medicine is being tested only in laboratories outside the country. When consulted, Anvisa informed that there is no request for re…

Corona Virus Update: Wuhan Virus, Coronavirus news | Covid-19

Coronavirus update: The number of deaths from the coronavirus outbreak in mainland China was 1,770 at the end of Sunday, an increase of 105 from the previous day, according to the country's National Health Commission.
At least 100 of the new deaths came from Hubei Province, the epicenter of the epidemic, the commission said Monday morning. There were 2,048 new confirmed infections nationwide, about 1,933 from Hubei alone, bringing the number of new infections to 70,548.

Coronavirus update (2/16/20, 10:41) Start.
Coronavirus: Update on the virus in Spain, China and the WHO.
France confirms the first death by the coronavirus outside Asia. The President of the People's Republic of China, Xi Jinping, gave the first orders on the outbreak of the coronavirus on January 7, 13 days before his first public comment on Covid-19, on January 20.  

Finally, today it was also revealed that China started fighting the coronavirus earlier than previously known. In China, one of the measures being ta…

What do dolphins and whales drink if there's only salt water around?

Have you ever wondered how dolphins and other marine mammals obtain fresh water when they have been in salty environments all their lives? 

They don't have a desalination unit like in the gills of marine fish, and their kidneys can't dissolve sedimentary minerals. What kind of trick did nature invent?They can't drink seawater: with dolphins and whales, nature played an evil joke. It would seem that they are surrounded by water, but the use of salt water, on the contrary, will lead to dehydration and death.
In the case of sea fish, part of the salt that comes with sea water into the body is desalinated in the gills, and the salty surpluses come out with urine.
The salty environment in which they live, constantly pulls moisture out of the fish through the skin. It's a natural process - osmosis.

Therefore, these sea creatures have to drink sea water all the time and the more salt they have in them, the more they have to drink.
Dolphins and whales can't do that. They have n…

A second case of a patient with HIV being cured is confirmed; he comes out of hiding.

So far he has been called a the "London patient", but the man decided to come out of the shadows and reveal his identity. A second case of full recovery from AIDS, but doctors warn of over optimism.
Scientists at the IrsiCaixa AIDS Research Institute have confirmed that the so-called London patient has been cured of HIV, the second in the world, because 29 months after undergoing a stem cell transplant and stopping taking antiretrovirals he is still without a trace of the virus.The study of the London patient, published this Tuesday in the magazine "The Lancet HIV", has coincided with the announcement of another patient, in this case from Düsseldorf (Germany), which, according to the scientists, could become the third case in history to be cured of HIV, after the London case and one in Berlin.

New online today—30 month follow-up of the London patient, providing further evidence that he is the second person to be cured of #HIV. The long-term follow-up provides insi…