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Geneticist proposed to cross DNA of future colonists of Mars with Tardigrades

Diseases influenced the extinction of Neanderthals more than previously thought.

Smart astronaut glove to explore the Moon, Mars and beyond

Caltech researchers developed a way to get oxygen on Mars

Remains of a sea "monster" that could devour a Tyrannosaurus Rex were found in Poland

First results of Voyager 2 probe from interstellar space

New Research | Everything we thought we knew about the shape of the universe might be wrong

The United States begins the process to withdraw from the Paris Agreement in 2020

DeepMind developed an AI capable of self learning, defeating StarCraft II players

Euclid New European Mission To Explore The Dark Universe

Climate change caused by a massive asteroid collision 466 million years ago

#teamtrees | YouTuber MrBeast (Jimmy Donaldson) 20 million trees campaign

Anthropologists discovered eagle's claw necklace made by the last Neanderthal populations in spain

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