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MIT Engineers created robot cubes (M-Blocks 2.0) capable of constructing structures

MIT engineers first showed their M-Block robotic cubes in 2013, and this week they presented a new stage in the development of robotic cubes.

M-Blocks Modular Robotics 
M-Blocks 2.0 Like the first generation robots, the new cubes are moved by an internal flywheel and can climb on top of each other using magnets. But they have an important new skill.M-Blocks 2.0 have a specific feature that is similar to the barcode on each side, which they can "read".  This allows the cubes to move along a certain route and fit into the overall design in a way that is not chaotic, as it was done by the previous version of M-Block, but in a certain direction and in a certain place. 
In addition, these cubes appear to act like a beehive's collective mind, and they can work together to find each other and line up in one design or another according to the program.

M-Blocks 2.0 robots are not just supposed to be a toy. Developers hope that their invention will be used in industries such as manuf…

Will Automation and Artificial Intelligence decrease or raise jobs?

Will Artificial Intelligence and Automation reduce or increase jobs?

Contrary to popular belief, artificial intelligence will not deprive people of their jobs, but will create new jobs. However, these will be new professions that have not existed beforePeople are afraid of robots and are seriously afraid of artificial intelligence (AI). Partly this is the fault of mass culture, which pedals the theme of "machine revolt", images of malicious androids and indifferent to the experiences of the omnipresent AI. 

However, progress can't be stopped: Research predicts a 40% increase in productivity and business profitability through the implementation of AI solutions in companies' practices.

There are a number of routine work tasks that, with the development of machines, will be fully handed over to them, which will cause the disappearance of a number of professions.

On the other hand, as AI solutions evolve, the window of opportunity for people to develop professionally in this…

Researchers discovered the smallest of the currently known black holes

The smallest known black hole discoveredResearchers have discovered the smallest of the currently known black holes , which may belong to a new class of these objects. Jason Shults / Ohio State University. Artistic representation of a small black hole orbiting a giant star.

For a long time, it was believed that black holes are divided into two classes according to their size - into Stellar black hole whose mass is approximately 5 to 30 solar masses, and supermassive black holes located in the center of galaxies and having a mass of several million solar masses.

However, now scientists believe that there are black holes of medium masses - black holes with masses between 100 and 10,000 solar masses. And besides, it is assumed that there are ultramassive black holes - with masses of more than 10 billion solar masses.

At the same time, there is one more gap in the classification, black holes with a mass less than five solar masses.
Now, however, such a black hole has been discovered. (It is be…

A paw of a 100 million old Mesozoic bird was found in amber

Amber contains the foot of a Mesozoic bird

100 million years ago, in the middle of the Cretaceous period, there was a small bird about the size of a sparrow in the territory of present-day Myanmar (Burma). At that time, the birds were still an evolutionary young group, 30-40 million years old. It is not even very clear whether they could already be classified as a separate class, or whether they were still feathered reptiles.
We don't know under what circumstances part of the bird's foot was stuck in amber, but it's obvious that the animal didn't fly anywhere after that. 

In the north of Myanmar (formerly Burma) a piece of amber with remains of an ancient bird that lived about 100 million years ago was discovered. It belongs to a previously unknown species.

Scientists have been able to examine a fragment of the paw, "armed" with long claws, and restored its structure by scanning.

They concluded that the bird lived on trees and led a predatory lifestyle. Most likel…

Wikipedia founder Jimmy Wales wants to builds ad-free alternative to Facebook

Wikipedia founder Jimmy Wales wants to develop an alternative for Facebook and associates with its own online network.  My idea is to apply the principles of Wikipedia to a social network.
Said Wales at the Digital X trade show in Cologne. The online encyclopedia does not earn its income from advertisements, but survives thanks to the gifts of a small number of users.
Goodbye, Facebook, it's time for something new," said Wales. His goal is to help the world escape from the established social networks, which derive their income from personal advertisements. 

According to him, this model is based on the indignation and emotions of its users, hoping to generate as many clicks as possible.

The new network, WikiTribune Social, will do it like the well-known Wikipedia platform without ads. Can you imagine a social network where the whole community can work on contributions 
Said Wales to his digital audience. That aspect too, the cooperation, based on facts, should play an important role…

Astronomers see hot fragments of colliding planets

A new measurement shows that the debris of this cosmic crash still pops regularly.

At a distance of three hundred light years from the earth, dust is swirling through a planetary system, indicating that two planets have recently collided there.The astronomers discovered the dust in BD +20 307, a system of two stars orbiting around each other. Both stars are at least a billion years old.

Usually in such an old system things go quietly. Dust that in the early years of the system still swayed through the space between the star and the planets, has now disappeared. 
It has either fallen into the star or it has been blown by the star to the outer edges of the planetary system.

At BD +20 307 it is a different story. Astronomers discovered a lot of dust there, which is also warm. They suspect that the dust flew off when two planets recently exploded and broke into pieces.

Flying ObservatoryThe fact that BD +20 307 contains hot dust has been known for some time. Ten years ago, space telescope Spit…

Astronomers found oxygen in images of the first interstellar comet 2I/Borisov.

This may indicate that there is water on the 2I/Borisov comet.

An article describing the work on comet 2I/Borisov comet has been published on
Comets are relatively small celestial bodies that consist of solid particles and ice. All previously known comets belonged exclusively to the solar system: they moved around our sun in a very elongated orbit.
However, in August 2019, the Crimean astronomer Gennady Borisov discovered an object that was moving in a very unusual orbit. Subsequently, it turned out that this was the first interstellar comet, that is, it arrived from outside the solar system. 

In mid-September, the International Astronomical Union officially named the celestial body after the discoverer, 2I/Borisov.

According to the latest estimates of astronomers, the diameter of the comet's core is about 1 km. Borisov comet is in reddish color, which may indicate the presence of organic matter in the depths of the comet, and is covered with a large amount of dust. 


Latest Kincade Fire news 2019 | Kincade Fire Update

Strong Gusts Spread the Kincade Fire

As of October 29, the fire had destroyed more than 120 structures and caused at least 2,000 people to evacuate.On October 23, 2019, a blaze erupted in Sonoma County, California, near the small town of Geyserville. In six days, flames from the Kincade fire spread across more than 75,000 acres (303 square kilometers), becoming the largest wildfire by acreage in California in 2019. 

Fierce winds in northern California—known colloquially as Diablo winds—played a large role in quickly spreading the fire. On October 27, wind gusts reached 96 miles (150 kilometers) per hour, which made the fire very difficult to stop. From October 26 to October 28, the fire grew by nearly 48,000 acres.

Forecasters expect another strong wind event on the night of October 29, which may again fan the flames. Firefighters are working on the ground and from the air to build containment lines around the wildfire. As of October 29, the fire was 15 percent contained.

This animation a…

The strangest things that man has ever launched into space

No matter how strange the parcels into space, they were sent there not only for the purpose of science, but even for sentimental reasons. 

In this article we will tell you what strange and funny things were sent to space and why humanity chose them.

Thousands of Text MessagesCOSMOS Magazine and the Australian Government partnered with NASA to implement the “Hello From Earth” project. The aim of this project was to send text messages that could be left on a special site. 

As a result, 25,878 messages were transmitted towards Gliese 581d, an exoplanet located 20 light years from Earth. And this is despite the fact that the existence of the planet is still in doubt.

Microscopic animals TardigradesThese microscopic animals are able to survive at temperatures from of 164 degrees Celsius, at a pressure of 6,000 times stronger than in the Earth’s atmosphere, and radiation, a thousand times higher than the lethal dose for humans. 

Thanks to such superpowers, some European scientists felt that tard…

Humans Detect Snakes More Accurately than other Animals | Science Research

Scientists from Nagoya University in Japan experimentally confirmed the theory that human cognitive abilities are better equipped for recognizing dangerous animals.In a noisy image or setting we can more easily distinguish a poisonous snake than a harmless rabbit or butterfly. Their study is published in the journal PLOS One.

Experiment card with 20 images of a snake with varying degrees of random noise.
The design of the experiment was very simple; 20 students aged 18 to 26 watched pictures that depicted fish, birds, cats or snakes. 
All images were processed using the random image structure evolution algorithm (RISE). This algorithm parses the original image through the Fourier transform (FT) and reassembles it with a step-by-step reduction in noise percentage. This technique creates a unique image in terms of content, but uniform in terms of style distortion.
Using this algorithm, the authors made 20 series of 20 images of each type of animal; in each of the serial images of the series…

What is inside the mummies of ancient Egyptian cats? | Facts about mummified cats

The matter is that local archaeologists managed to find at least 30 mummies, which were not touched by robbers. 

This discovery can tell us a lot about the life of ancient Egyptians, but did you know that thousands of years ago, pharaohs mummified their cats, though it is almost impossible to open the insides of such mummies because of their fragility, but recently French scientists have managed to look into the inside of the animal's embalmed body. 
X-rays and 3D-modeling technology helped them to do this.The studied cat mummy was found at the beginning of the century and was kept in the Museum of Fine Arts in Rennes. 

Years earlier, scientists were only able to calculate the approximate age of the mummified animal - the body was embalmed about 2.5 thousand years ago. 
However, scientists could not find out in what form the body was preserved under the ancient layers of bandages.
How did they mummify cats?Since it was extremely dangerous to untie layers of thousands of years of bandag…

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"Very high at the global level." WHO has changed the risk assessment for coronavirus COVID-19.

The Director-General of the World Health Organization, Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, announced that the risk assessment of coronavirus at the global level has been raised to "very high". This was reported on Friday.

LIVE daily media briefing on #COVID19 with @DrTedros#coronavirus — World Health Organization (WHO) (@WHO) February 28, 2020

We have raised our assessment of the risk of spread and impact of COVID-19 to a very high level at the global level, he said during a press conference that was broadcast on Twitter by the organization.

The full briefing on #COVID19 by @DrTedros — World Health Organization (WHO) (@WHO) February 28, 2020
Chinese authorities told WHO in late December 2019 about an outbreak of unknown pneumonia in the city of Wuhan in central Hubei province. 

🔹 Specialists found that the pathogen is a new type of coronavirus. 

WHO recognized the outbreak as an emergency of international importance an…

Mexico Confirms First Coronavirus Infection | COVID-19 SARS-Cov-2 Update

Mexican Assistant Secretary of Health Hugo Lopez-Gatell reported the first case of infection with the new coronavirus COVID-19 in the country.

According to the Health Department, the virus was diagnosed in a 35-year-old man, who was in Italy from February 14 to 22. At the moment he is in isolation in one of the hospitals, his condition is stable.

The Chinese coronavirus continues to spread rapidly around the world. The number of infected people has exceeded 78.8 thousand in China itself, 2.3 thousand in South Korea, 388 in Iran and 650 in Italy. 

In the last 24 hours, the first cases of infection have been detected in the Netherlands, Nigeria, Lithuania, Belarus, New Zealand and Azerbaijan.

Undersecretary of Health, Hugo Lopez-Gatell, reported that the person infected by Covid-19 is in CDMX; they are waiting for a second test for another person in Sinaloa

Undersecretary of Health Hugo Lopez-Gatell confirmed the first case imported into Mexico of coronavirus, which is called Covid-19.


SpaceX wants to send three tourists to the ISS

The US space company SpaceX wants to send three tourists to the International Space Station ISS.

It is planned that the tourists will travel to the ISS in the second half of 2021 together with a commander in the "Crew Dragon" space capsule, as the Texas start-up Axiom - SpaceX's partner company in the project - announced on Thursday.Neither of the two companies gave any indication of how much the tourists would probably have to pay for the trip. 

The costs for the launch of the Falcon 9 rocket alone, which will transport the space capsule into space, amount to around 60 million dollars (53 million euros).

In addition, the construction of a new "Crew Dragon" capsule must be financed.

🔹 In this respect, the ticket for the flight should cost tens of millions of dollars.

In earlier years, a total of eight tourists had already travelled to the ISS in Russian Soyuz capsules. 

The first was US entrepreneur Dennis Tito in 2001, who paid 20 million dollars for a vacati…

A new species of insect was named after Lady Gaga for being eccentric. | Kaikaia gaga

Insect was named after Lady GagaBrendan Morris, PhD at the University of Illinois, observed the behavior of about a thousand treehoppers for his research project when he suddenly noticed one female who was different from the others.

Scientists decided to name the recently discovered insect in honor of Lady Gaga for their "eccentric sense of style," NME reports.

In the scientific publication Zootaxa, he and his co-author, the entomologist Christopher Dietrich, wrote about it "an additional cross m-cu (between the fourth and fifth longitudinal veins) in the front wing, as well as a frontal-clipella form".

Morris decided to call the insect "Kaikaia gaga" so that specialists could understand what kind of species we are talking about.

"If there ever is a Lady Gaga bug, it will definitely be a treehopper bug because of its crazy horns and eccentric sense of style. They don't look like anything you've seen before," he explained.

Now Morris hopes…

How the lungs of a person suffering from Coronavirus look | Photos

Chinese doctors have published an x-ray of the lungs of a patient with the coronavirus 2019-nCoV that has spread through China and other countries.

The images published by Chinese doctors are of a 33-year-old woman who entered the hospital after presenting symptoms such as fever and cough for five days.
CT Imaging of the 2019 Novel Coronavirus (2019-nCoV) Pneumonia. …

At the time of the woman's admission, doctors noted that her body temperature had risen to 39°C and heard the sounds of her breathing were harsh in both lungs.

Doctors examine the patient for coronavirusAccording to the results of the studies published in the journal Radiology, the patient had a clear deficiency of white blood cells, as well as multiple peripheral opacities in ground-glass in both lungs.
The outbreak of coronavirus that has put the whole world on alert because of its spread in several countries emerged in the Chinese city of Wuhan at the end of December …

Chinese and US scientists found new methods for virus detection

Two medRxiv articles on the same day: A new method to detect viruses has been found by Chinese as well as other scientists, which can be tested on-site, with results within 45 minutes.

🔹 These methods are of great significance for the community and the general population to detect infection with the virus.
The new coronavirus (SARS-CoV-2 or 2019-nCoV) threatens global health, and although it is very similar to SARS-CoV, it is more contagious.
Existing RT-qPCR detection methods often require expensive equipment and trained professionals. Under these circumstances, it is urgent to develop a technique that is fast, accurate, and capable of detecting viruses in the field.
On February 25, preprint website medRxiv issued respectively by the Institute of Applied Biology, Shenyang University of Chemical Technology, Dr. Yin Xiushan team, and the American Royal Oak, Michigan Beaumont Michael B Chancellor team.

The study reports brought by Chinese and foreign scientists revealed reverse transcriptas…

The number of patients with coronavirus in the United States exceeded 60 people

The number of confirmed coronavirus cases in the U.S. has reached 62, the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) said Friday.
The CDC reported 34 cases last Friday. In 11 of them, those who had previously returned to the U.S. from abroad, and in two more cases coronavirus was transmitted from person to person in the United States.

In addition, 21 people were transported by State Department flights: three from Wuhan and 18 from the Diamond Princess ship from Japan.

According to the latest CDC data, of the 62 infected, 12 had previously returned to the United States from overseas trips. The number of human-to-human infections has increased to three.

The number of infected US citizens evacuated from the Diamond Princess has reached 44. The number of infected citizens coming from Chinese Wuhan remained the same.

On December 31, 2019, Chinese authorities informed the World Health Organization (WHO) about an outbreak of unknown pneumonia in Wuhan city in central Hubei province. Speciali…

Scientists propose to fight viruses with fullerenes

Fight viruses with fullerenes
Scientists from Skoltech and the Institute of Problems of Chemical Physics of the Russian Academy of Sciences have created water-soluble fullerene compounds that have valuable biological properties. The results of the study are published in the journal Chemical Communications. Thanks to this biological properties they can be used to develop effective antiviral drugs, including to suppress the human immunodeficiency virus (HIV).

Fullerenes are molecular compounds composed of three-coordinated carbon atoms, which are closed convex polyhedra. Depending on the number of atoms in the molecule, fullerenes resemble a soccer ball (C 60 ) or a rugby ball (C 70 ) in shape.

Compounds based on fullerenes have a pronounced antiviral, antibacterial, antitumor and antioxidant activity, so scientists have long viewed them as a promising basis for the creation of new drugs. Unfortunately, fullerenes are absolutely insoluble in water, which prevents their use in medicine.


Medications have positive results in research for the treatment of coronavirus; here are 4 possibilities

Medicine used against malaria for almost 100 years and others without approval in Brazil are among the most promising after tests.

Four drugs showed positive - but still preliminary - results in scientific research in the treatment of Covid-19, a disease caused by the new coronavirus. These drugs act at different stages of cell contamination. They are:

ChloroquineRemindLopinavir/RitonavirFavipiravirHowever, self-medication is not recommended, since research has not been fully completed and it is not yet known whether there are any side effects from use by patients infected with the coronavirus.
The study on Favipiravir was released on Wednesday (18) - it is sold commercially in Japan under the name Avigan. It was developed by Toyama Chemical, of the Fujifilm group, and has been used for over 5 years against Influenza. Its use is only authorized in Japan.
The medicine is being tested only in laboratories outside the country. When consulted, Anvisa informed that there is no request for re…

Coronavirus - Satellite Images Show Abandoned Places Worldwide

Whether China, Europe or the Middle East - the new type of corona virus is spreading everywhere.

Large events are canceled, crowds are avoided. Satellites have captured images of partially abandoned infections increase with the coronavirus. In particularly badly affected countries, public life comes to a standstill. Satellite images from the US space technology company Maxar show the extent of the epidemic in a before-and-after comparison.

The Al Haram Mosque in Mecca, Saudi Arabia is the largest mosque in the world - there is usually a huge crowd here. Source: VIA REUTERS