Stunning photos of the “ring of fire” that was observed in Asia, the last eclipse of the year

From Saudi Arabia to Oman, through India and Southeast Asia, numerous astronomy lovers could enjoy the unusual perspective of the Moon and the Sun

Thousands of people were able to observe on Thursday  an annular eclipse of the Sun,  also known as a “ring of fire” because of the light circle it generates.

The "ring of fire" observed from Tamil Nadu, in southern India

An annular eclipse of these characteristics occurs when the moon is not close enough to the Earth to completely cover the sun, revealing a thin solar ring.

Eclipses, Balut Island, Philippines.

These eclipses occur every one or two years and can only be seen from a narrow strip of the planet. View from Balut Island, Philippines.

Sun and the Moon, from Malaysia.

Positions of the Sun and the Moon, from Malaysia.

Children watch the eclipse.

Children watch the eclipse from Surabaya, Indonesia

Photos of the ring of fire.

This year, it was observed, when the weather conditions allowed, in the Middle East, in South India and in Southeast Asia, to the North Pacific.

Jason Teng.

"For the next one, we will have to wait about 40 years," said Jason Teng, 37, who took a day off at work to photograph the eclipse. The astronomer apprentice used a special sunscreen for his telescope, since it is dangerous for the eyes to observe the eclipse without any eye protection

Alexander Alin, following eclipses.

Alexander Alin, a 45-year-old geophysicist from Germany, travels around the world following eclipses. "This only lasts two minutes but it is so intense that you talk about it with your family and friends for several months," he says.

Next solar eclipse will occur in June 2020.

The next solar eclipse will occur in June 2020 and can be seen in an area from Africa to North Asia.

Next solar eclipse will occur in June 2020.

And in June 2021 another one will be seen from the Arctic, some areas of Canada, Greenland and the Russian Far East.

Lahore, Pakistan, solar eclipse.

View from a mosque in Lahore, Pakistan

Jakarta, Indonesia, solar eclipse.

A crowd in Jakarta, Indonesia

man holding x ray, solar eclipse.

X-rays were also used as protection in Peshawar, Pakistan

eclipse observed in desert in Hofuf, Saudi Arabia.

The eclipse observed from the desert in Hofuf, Saudi Arabia.

Solar eclipse shot with phone.

Although cell phone cameras do not usually capture the splendor of astronomical phenomena, many tried to record the image.

Flight in the sky of Bangkok, Thailand, solar eclipse.

A commercial flight in the sky of Bangkok, Thailand.