Valve: The Outlanders update for Dota 2 will be released on November 26

Dota 2, The Outlanders update is coming on November 26

Outlanders Update Snapfire and Void Spirit
Outlanders Update Snapfire and Void Spirit.

Valve's employee wrote on reddit that the company plans by Tuesday 26th November to release an updated version of Dota 2, The Outlanders.

He answered the user's question about when to wait for the patch. Later the developer's message was duplicated on Twitter by insider Vikram Reddy.

With the upgrade of The Outlanders the patch 7.23 will be released, which is expected to radically change the balance. The game will also feature two new characters, Void Spirit and Snapfire, who were introduced during the playoffs of The International 2019 event in Shanghai.

Earlier Valve announced that the global update will be released shortly after the completion of MDL Chengdu Major, but did not say when exactly. After the release of Outlanders, the teams will have less than a week to study the patch before the qualifiers for the second major of the season, which starts on December 1.

The Outlanders will be available for update next week

Valve plans to release a big update called The Outlanders next week, on Tuesday 26th November. This was announced by the company's representative on reddit. Earlier the developers promised to release a patch after the major in Chengdu.

It is already known that as part of The Outlanders developers will add two new characters to the game: Void Spirit and Snapfire. The update will be released not only in Dota 2, but also in Dota Underlords. Along with the update in Dota 2 a new patch version number 7.23 should also be released, which will dramatically change the balance of the game.

Despite everything, Valve developers have been known to delay their releases for updates and games based on their satisfaction with the result, or simply because they don't feel it's ready yet. It's not a concrete announcement, but rather an internal gossip from someone who knows.

Outlanders Dota 2 update on november 23?

Although there is no official announcement of the date of any of Valve's official accounts, valve developer cameron_dev posted in response to hungry community fans and noted November 26 as the release of the update.