This is what the PlayStation 5 controller would look like

The most noticeable feature is that this new PlayStation 5 controller will no longer include the light bar because it emptied the controller battery.

We already know that the PlayStation 5 will arrive next year, and that its controller will have some new tricks up its sleeve. 

Now, we might have an idea of what that new controller might look like, based on images from a patent filed in Japan that were leaked.

At first glance, the PlayStation 5 controller looks a lot like a DualShock 4, which is not too surprising.

Wired once described a prototype PS5 controller as "very similar to the PS4 DualShock 4. And you can see many elements transferred from the DualShock 4: a D-pad with a similar look, similar button placement and what appears to be the touch bar.

PlayStation 5 controller would look like
PlayStation 5 controller would look like

    zoneoftechA few weeks ago, we got our hands on the World’s First Photo of the Playstation 5’s DevKit!
    Today, I follow up on my promise of a standalone video, dedicated just to the Playstation 5 Controller itself! All the leaks & rumors in one place!, And yes, it might even have a display :) Thoughts?

    PlayStation 5 controller Wide handles

    In the new model the handles seem to be a little wider and more rounded. There is a weird square under the PlayStation button.

    The biggest highlight is that this new PlayStation 5 control is that it will no longer include the light bar that so many users complained about because it emptied the controller battery.

    Looking at the PlayStation 5 controller from other angles reveals that the thumb tips appear to be a bit shorter than the DualShock 4, there is a USB-C port on the back and apparently the light bar on the back of the controller has disappeared:

    The patent designs probably reflect what Sony was thinking at the time it submitted it, from March 20. Therefore, there is always the possibility that the controller getting into the hands of users in 2020 may be different from what is shown.

    Adaptive Triggers on PlayStation 5 controller

    Sony has already shared some specific details about what's new with the PS5 driver (PlayStation 5).

    It will have "adaptive triggers" for the L2 and R2 buttons, which can be programmed by developers to give the player different levels of resistance.

    These could be used to better simulate the sensation of drawing a bow, for example. However, Sony has not yet given a name for the new PlayStation 5 controller, although I suppose if there is a history involved, it could be called "DualShock 5".