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Julian Assange would die in prison if he doesn't receive medical attention, doctors say

Open letter signed by more than 60 doctors expresses their frank concern about Julian Assange's state of health in prison.

Julian Assange would die in prison
Julian Assange would die in prison.

Julian Assange has been a cause for concern for anyone who has closely followed the evolution of his case. At his last public appearance, the alarm bells went off, after seeing how his physical and mental health had declined significantly.

This is so obvious that now a group of medical doctors have signed and published an extensive open letter. In which they express their frank concern for the state of Assange. They even point out that he could die if he does not receive the necessary care.

From the medical point of view and given the available evidence, we have a great concern about Assange's physical condition to face trial in February 2020.
The most important thing is that, in our opinion, Assange requires an urgent medical evaluation of his physical and psychological condition.
Any medical treatment recommended should be administered in a properly equipped and expertly staffed university hospital.
In the absence of urgent assessment and treatment, we have real concerns, with respect to the evidence currently available, that Mr. Assange could die in prison.

WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange extradition hearing
WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange extradition hearing.

According to the signed doctors, Julian Assange's medical situation could be considered urgent. So there would be no time to waste in examining him.

However, the hacktivist has a long way to go. Especially if we consider that the process of the extradition process will continue until February 2020.

The system used to process his extradition closed an important cycle last week. When the Swedish Prosecutor's Office closed the preliminary investigation for rape against Assange.

In case the journalist does not receive that medical care, 'Assange could die in prison

The founder of the WikiLeaks portal, Julian Assange, could die in jail if he does not receive urgent medical attention, according to more than sixty doctors in an open letter addressed to the British Interior Minister.

Assange is being held at the high security prison in Belmarsh, south London, awaiting the start, next February, of his extradition trial to the United States.

In the letter released today, doctors - who come from the United Kingdom, Australia and Sri Lanka, among other countries - express their 'great concern' for the health of Assange, 48, and ask that the journalist be taken to a hospital university in order to be evaluated and receive the attention of specialists.

Julian Assange Julian Assange case

Last week, the Swedish Prosecutor decided to close the preliminary investigation for violation against Assange.

The Swedish superior prosecutor, Eva-Marie Persson, justified the closure of the investigation against the journalist for the weakening of the evidence and the lack of arguments for the accusation.

The US accuses the journalist of 'conspiracy' to infiltrate government computer systems.

The journalist, who always pleaded not guilty, was a refugee at the Embassy of Ecuador in London from 2012 until last April, when he was arrested by the British Police once the Quito Government withdrew his refugee status.

Assange had taken refuge in the Ecuadorian diplomatic legation to avoid being extradited to Sweden, which required him for sexual crimes, but, after last week's decision by the Swedish prosecutor's office, he has only the U.S. court trial left.