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Call of Duty Mobile: how to connect the controller? (PS4 and Xbox)

Along with the Zombies mode came the expected support for controllers for Call of Duty Mobile. How to connect the controller? (PS4 and Xbox). How to connect a controller to your phone to have a more satisfying experience with Call of Duty Mobile.  We explain how to perform the process on iOS and Android. Call of Duty Mobile Season 2 update: It's finally here, support for the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One controller! On-Call of Duty Mobile.  How does it work Support included for the PlayStation 4 DualShock 4 and the official Xbox One controller. The 1st generation versions of the official PS4 controllers are not supported. Support for the third party controllers, not included. Controls will only work in games and not in menus. They must enable the controller settings in the game before synchronizing their wireless controller. Matchmaking Players will only paired with other players who use controllers. However, if you are in a group and o

How to improve audio quality on Samsung Galaxy Note 10: 9 tricks that work

In August 2019, Samsung introduced its Galaxy Note 10 to the world, which immediately became one of the best phones of the year. The characteristics of the Galaxy Note 10 are very good, but can be further improved using some very simple tricks.  improve audio quality on Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Specifically, let's talk about audio. Yes, the sound of your Galaxy Note 10 is good, but you should know that there are several functions introduced by Samsung that can take you to ultra high quality. 9 tricks to improve the audio on the Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Use the UHQ optimizer This function of the Galaxy Note 10 is very useful for improving sound quality when you are using wired headphones. Therefore, it should be noted that it only works when they are connected. Basically, what the optimizer does is add more data to the file so that it plays in ultra high quality (UHQ), without actually modifying it. To enable it, go to Settings> Sounds and vibration> Advan