The strangest things that man has ever launched into space

No matter how strange the parcels into space, they were sent there not only for the purpose of science, but even for sentimental reasons. 

The strangest things that man has ever launched into space image.
The strangest things that man has ever launched into space

In this article we will tell you what strange and funny things were sent to space and why humanity chose them.

Thousands of Text Messages

COSMOS Magazine and the Australian Government partnered with NASA to implement the “Hello From Earth” project. The aim of this project was to send text messages that could be left on a special site. 

As a result, 25,878 messages were transmitted towards Gliese 581d, an exoplanet located 20 light years from Earth. And this is despite the fact that the existence of the planet is still in doubt.

Microscopic animals Tardigrades

These microscopic animals are able to survive at temperatures from of 164 degrees Celsius, at a pressure of 6,000 times stronger than in the Earth’s atmosphere, and radiation, a thousand times higher than the lethal dose for humans. 

Thanks to such superpowers, some European scientists felt that tardigrades could survive in space. The Scientists were not mistaken, and as a result of exposure to vacuum and solar radiation from space, about 65% of the dehydrated microscopic “bears” survived . They were rehydrated, and some even had healthy offsprings.

The strangest things that man has ever launched into space. How do Tardigrades die?
How do Tardigrades die?
  • After ten days in space, most of the microorganisms survived

Stephen Colbert Treadmill

In order not to lose muscle mass under microgravity conditions, astronauts living on the ISS should train for several hours a day. But in order to make training possible in such conditions, NASA has created special treadmills with external resistance that keep people “floating”.

Stephen Colbert Treadmill
Stephen Colbert Treadmill

  • The treadmill was named after comedian Stephen Colbert

Thanks to his great enthusiasm and increased public interest in space exploration, NASA named the space treadmill in his honor. In order to use sports equipment in the absence of gravity, astronauts only need to fasten their belts.

Salmonella in space

The bacterium Salmonella was sent into space for scientific purposes. Bacteria were grown aboard the Atlantis space shuttle, but as soon as it landed on Earth, scientists infected the bacteria with unsuspecting mice. 

The second group of mice was infected with salmonella grown on Earth. Scientists compared two groups of infected mice and found that cosmic salmonella has a more aggressive effect on mice. 

The gene activity of bacteria has changed under conditions of space exposure, which makes it more dangerous.

The wreckage of the original Wright brothers plane

Landing on the moon was of great importance, and in order to prove this, the Apollo 11 crew took a lot of things with them. Astronauts left many things on the surface of the moon, turning them into a kind of rarity for future colonists. 

So, among the things left on the moon there were an American flag, in addition, to celebrate the first flight of mankind to the moon, Apollo 11 delivered pieces of cloth and debris from the Wright brothers to the moon.

The wreckage of the original Wright brothers plane

The wreckage of the original Wright brothers plane

  • The Wright brothers were the founders of the first aircraft and pioneers in the development of airspace

Le Brouere Cheese Wheel

SpaceX decided to send a giant cheese wheel into space during the first Dragon capsule flight in 2010. At first, the cargo for the capsule was kept in the strictest confidence, which is why it was enclosed in a metal box with the inscription “Top Secret”

SpaceX decided to send a giant cheese wheel into space
SpaceX decided to send a giant cheese wheel into space

Human brain wave recording

Astrophysicist Carl Sagan and Golden Record creative director Ann Druyan worked hard for a long time to create images and sounds of space in order to provide this data to humanity.

In addition, during work, the couple began a romantic relationship. A few days before Druyan recorded her brain activity, they became engaged. During the recording, in addition to the planned scenario, Druyan reflected on the “miracle of love” precisely in order to prevent the wandering of the mind. 

Dinosaur fossils

What could be a better combination of words than “dinosaurs in space”? In 1985, NASA astronaut Lauren Acton delivered dinosaur fossils into space aboard the Challenger shuttle.

Dinosaur fossils in space
Dinosaur fossils in space

The space shuttle with a dinosaur on board was equipped with a special laboratory capable of providing safe storage of fossils

The fossils were small pieces of bones and eggshells obtained from a hadrosaur nesting site. Then, in 1998, the Endeavor space shuttle delivered a dinosaur skull to the Mir space station. 

To date, both sets of fossils have returned to Earth, but now we can say that the dinosaurs visited space.

Mud from Yankee Stadium

Astronaut Garrett Reisman was a big fan of the New York Yankees, which is why he brought along a mud bottle from Yankee Stadium during his first mission. During his time on the ISS, Reisman threw a ceremonial ball for the Yankee game. Returning to Earth a few months later, the astronaut again threw the first ball, but already physically at their stadium.

During his stay on the ISS, Reisman threw a ceremonial ball for the Yankee game

Luke Skywalker Lightsaber

Even the lightsaber of Luke Skywalker has visited space. In order to celebrate the 30th anniversary of Star Wars, NASA sent Luke's lightsaber to the International Space Station aboard the space shuttle in 2007. And now, judging by the light sword exhibited at the Space Center, one can safely say that it is in space.