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Robot stewardess will smile at millions of passengers at the new Istanbul airport

In 2019 flights began landing at Istanbul's new airport, whose construction cost $ 11 billion. Why are robots important?  What robots do? -  Science Blog 2019. The monstrous complex spans a large area as ​​Manhattan Island and may become the busiest airport in the world.  How can millions of confused passengers navigate a 270 million square meter airport with five terminals and 143 boarding gates? One answer, according to airport officials, is robots. According to an official video showing their characteristics to the public, the robots have been specially designed for this compound, and they are mounted on wheels. Will flight attendants be replaced by robots?  new trends in airline industry. The blue, round machines, the size of a small child, have a bright digital face, big, round eyes and a constant smile that seems to make people feel comfortable. When the robots talk, their mouths flash, their eyes wink and their hands move up and down.  A tou