Kuwait’s Amazing Sheikh Jaber Al-Ahmad Al-Sabah Causeway to Silk City

5 years of preparation, building and construction and more than 3 billion dollars in building expenses. 

Opened in May 2019, the 48-kilometer (30-mile) Sheikh Jaber Al-Ahmad Al-Sabah Causeway is among the biggest buildings and construction tasks in Kuwait's history.

world's longest bridge

Building and construction business reported that they attempted to take additional care to protect the community near the bay, particularly for green tiger shrimp. 

In one case, they produced an alternative breeding location consisted of 1,000 rock and reef blocks in order to draw the shrimp far from the building.

On September 8, 2019. Roughly 75 percent of the bridge (36 kilometers or 22 miles) dominates the water. It crosses 2 synthetic islands (Bay Island North and Bay Island South) that were built for entertainment and tourist functions.

world's longest bridge

Developing the bridge was challenging in the seaside environment, where heat and differing humidity can develop dry and exceptionally hot conditions. 

Much of the building and construction took place in the morning and after dark, with teams utilizing high-powered lights or sun guards when required. 

The bridge is mainly made up of concrete stacks, steel and layered with waterproofing and asphalt.

Called after the late Sheikh Jaber Al Sabah, the bridge minimizes travel time by almost an hour from the capital, Kuwait City, to the northern coast of Kuwait Bay and the suggested future site of Madinat Al-Hareer.

Indicating "Silk City" in Arabic, Madinat Al-Hareer is being proposed as an open market zone and seaport. 

With expenses of more than $100 billion, the prepared megacity will likewise consist of an airport, Olympic arena, and a tower exceeding Dubai's Burj Khalifa, presently the world's highest structure. 

The bridge and Silk City are simply a couple of aspects in Kuwait National Development Plan 2035.