New model for the universe that may help solve the dark energy enigma

Researchers have developed a new model for understanding the universe that can solve the enigma of dark energy. 

In a new article, a new conception of the structure of the universe, which includes dark energy, they proposed that the universe moving in an expanding bubble in another dimension.

mathematical equations on dark energy.

Researchers from Uppsala University in Sweden have developed a new model for the universe, one that can solve the dark energy puzzle. 

Their new article, published in the Physical Review Letters journal, offers a new structural approach to a universe, orbiting an expanding bubble in another dimension.

We have known for 20 years that the universe is expanding at an ever increasing rate. The explanation is the "dark energy" that drives this expansion. Understanding the nature of dark energy is one of the most significant riddles of physics.

Scientists hoped that string theory would provide the answer

According to string theory, all existing matter consists of tiny entities, similar to vibrating strings. 

This theory supports the existence of additional dimensions beyond the three dimensions we are familiar with. For 15 years, there were models in string theory that were thought to provide an answer to dark energy. 

These theories have received criticisms, and some researchers now claim that none of the models offered are applicable today.

In their article, the scientists propose a new model that includes an explanation for the dark energy question.

  • Our universe is riding on a bubble that is expanding in another dimension. 
  • The whole universe is located on the edge of this expanding bubble. 
  • All the material in the universe is adapted to the ends of strings extending to another dimension.

The researchers also show that expanding bubbles of this kind can exist within the theoretical framework of string theory. 

It is conceivable that there is more than one bubble and these bubbles are connected to other universes.

This model for understanding the universe from Uppsala University scientists provides a new, different picture of the future and fate of the universe. This model may also pave the way for methods of string theory testing.