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Study reveals, there is a neural pathway between the cerebellum and the pleasure zone in the brain

The cerebellum is a small structure in the back of the brain that is often thought to be involved in motor functions, including posture, balance and coordination. A new study reveals that there is a neural pathway between the cerebellum and the pleasure zone in the brain, which plays a role in social behavior.

The cerebellum is primarily responsible for motor functions. However, recent research suggests it is involved in other functions as well. It turned out, for example, that it is involved in the mechanism of pleasure. 

A study from 2011 has shown that repeated activation of the cerebellum causes the secretion of dopamine neurotransmitter in the prefrontal cortex. Another region of the midbrain, the Ventral Tegmentum, is directly related to the prefrontal cortex and is responsible for Dopamine release when we experience pleasure. 

Following these results, researchers in a new study hypothesized that there is a pathway that leads from the cerebellum to the Ventral Tegmentum, which in t…

A new scientific review of 6,000 genetically modified corn studies in the last 21 years

Genetically modified crops have been criticized by environmental organizations for many years, although many studies have proven their safety. A new scientific review of about 6,000 genetically modified corn studies in the last 21 years shows that not only are genetically modified crops helping the environment, but they are also safer than 'natural' corn crops.

The researchers found that the crop of genetically modified corn was 10 percent higher than the corresponding non-modified corn crop. 

The concentration of nutrients in the different species was the same, meaning that a farmer who sows genetically modified corn in his fields will receive a healthy and nutritious crop in 10 percent more of the "natural" species. 

The farmer will not have to expand his fields, invade protected forests or hit the environment to increase the crop - he can simply use genetically modified varieties to achieve the same goal. Thus, the use of genetically engineered corn helps preserve na…

Unexplained discoveries in the solar system 2019 | A Mysterious Rock

Discovery at the edge of the solar system: a mysterious rock, It may be the missing link in the evolution of the solar system

Scientists have claimed that the mysterious object is the first discovery of its kind and may be the missing link in the evolution of the early solar system. 

The large body, uncovered by a Japanese team of researchers, may help us learn how the solar system evolved. It is defined as a critical intermediate step in understanding how little ash clouds and ice have become the planets we know today.

The rock was discovered in the Kuiper belt - a collection of bodies orbiting the Sun in orbit beyond the planet Neptune, the farthest planet. The most famous of these bodies is Pluto, once classified as a planet but later changed to a dwarf planet.

The ice bodies found in the Kuiper belt are probably remnants of the solar system. Small objects like asteroids within the solar system have been modified over time by solar radiation, collisions and gravity of the planets. 

But …

NASA picture of the sunrise of the Columbia shuttle a few days before the disaster

Sunrise from Columbia Space Shuttle
Sixteen years after the shuttle disaster, in which seven astronauts, were killed, NASA released a picture of the sunrise from the window of the crew of the shuttle a few days before the disaster.
The US space agency NASA released a picture of the sunrise at the end of the week, as it was taken from the Columbia Space Shuttle on its last space flight, which ended with the deaths of seven astronauts, including the first Israeli astronaut Ilan Ramon.
The space shuttle Columbia disaster occurred on February 1, 2003, when the shuttle returned to Earth from a 16-day space trip. The photograph was taken on January 22, 2003. NASA did not say which of the seven crew members photographed the amazing picture of the sunrise from the crew cabin.
A NASA commission of inquiry established after the disaster determined that the cause of the failure was apparently air bubbles created by the insulating foam that covered the external fuel tank and increased its volume. In…

New Research reveals what killed Alexander the Great at the age of 32

What killed Alexander the Great at the age of 32? So far the explanations for the death of the great general have ranged from poisoning, to alcoholism, and typhus. Now a new explanation relates to the fact that the body of Alexander the Great showed no signs of decay six days after his death.

Alexander the Great was one of the greatest warlords in history. Until the age of 32, he conquered an area stretching from Greece to the sub-continent of India. But he did not enjoy his unprecedented success for long. 

In 323 BC, in the midst of planning the journey to conquer the Arabian Peninsula he died suddenly. 2,300 years after his death, the cause of death of the Greek general remains controversial.
New study on Alexander the Great Now, a medical researcher from New Zealand offers a new explanation for Alexander's death, which is based on the symptoms he showed before his death, and afterward - an autoimmune disease that affects the nervous system called the Guillain-BarrĂ© syndrome.

The art…

Arctic study revealing surface that has not seen the sun for tens thousands of years

The ice recedes and dissolves, revealing a surface that has not seen the sun for tens of thousands of years The rising temperaturesand the retreat of Arctic glaciers reveal an area that has not seen the sun for nearly 120,000 years. 

Landscapes that have been covered with ice probably at a time when the average temperature was two degrees higher than today and the sea level was nine meters higher, have been discovered in recent years.
"The last century was probably warmer than any other century in the last 120,000 years," said lead researcher Simon Pendleton of the University of Colorado. 

Pendleton and his colleagues took samples from the island of Baffin in the Canadian Arctic Archipelago, the fifth largest island in the world. The island is surrounded by fjords, but at its center are relatively flat planes.
What was preserved included small polar plants and mildew, who were alive the last time the ice did not hide the earth. 

When the ice melted, he exposed this ancient vegetat…

New model for the universe that may help solve the dark energy enigma

Researchers have developed a new model for understanding the universe that can solve the enigma of dark energy. In a new article, a new conception of the structure of the universe, which includes dark energy, they proposed that the universe moving in an expanding bubble in another dimension.

Researchers from Uppsala University in Sweden have developed a new model for the universe, one that can solve the dark energy puzzle. 

Their new article, published in the Physical Review Letters journal, offers a new structural approach to a universe, orbiting an expanding bubble in another dimension.

We have known for 20 years that the universe is expanding at an ever increasing rate. The explanation is the "dark energy" that drives this expansion. Understanding the nature of dark energy is one of the most significant riddles of physics.

Scientists hoped that string theory would provide the answer According to string theory, all existing matter consists of tiny entities, similar to vibrati…

Samsung, the technology giant from South Korea abandons the plastic for environmentally friendly materials.

Samsung abandons the plasticAccording to the company's announcement from South Korea, from the second half of the year 2019, the packaging currently used for its products will be replaced by environmentally friendly materials.

Samsung, the technology giant from South Korea, has announced that it will begin replacing the packaging it uses for its products - from plastic to paper and environmentally friendly materials.

According to the company's announcement, from the second half of the year, the packaging currently used for Samsung products and accessories - from mobile phones and tablets to home appliances, will be replaced by environmentally friendly materials, such as recycled plastic or vegetable materials.

To make the green change, Samsung has set up a team of designers, marketing and quality control professionals whose mission is to make the packaging greener. 

Samsung, according to the company's announcement, will also change the design of the phone chargers and replace …

Stanford Prison Experiment Response bias, Are the conclusions valid?

Stanford Prison ExperimentAlmost 50 years after the Stanford Prison Experiment (zimbardo), which is considered one of the milestones in behavioral psychology, it turns out that much of it was fake. Conclusions about stanford prison experiment.

"How we went about testing these questions and what we found in the stanford experiment (philip zimbardo) may astound you. Our planned two-week investigation into the psychology of prison life had to be ended after only six days because of what the situation was doing to the college students who participated. In only a few days, Inour prison experiment guards became sadistic and our prisoners became depressed and showed signs of extreme stress."

This is how Philip Zimbardo summed up the experiment. In 1971, it was one of the most recognized psychological experiments in the world. 

Its findings were extensively covered in the media and influenced the perception of many in terms of the role of prisons, the source of criminal behavior and th…

Researchers identified genes related to tendency to social isolation, depression and obesity

Researchers from the UK have identified genes that are related to a tendency to loneliness and social isolation, and have associations with depression or obesity

Studies have shown that social isolation is dangerous to health, even compared to risk factors such as smoking or lack of physical activity. 

Social isolation is known to be associated with psychological disorders, including depression, stress, cognitive deficits, memory loss, and impaired concentration. 
The impact of social isolationPreliminary results from an ongoing study also suggest that social isolation might have a negative impact on the brain itself. 

Researchers from the University of Philadelphia and University of Pittsburgh placed mice, who were born and raised in an enriched social environments, in conditions of social isolation. 
After 30 days of isolation, the researchers examined the shape, size, and the branching structure of neurons in specific regions of the brain known to be associated with psychological effect…