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Stunning photos of the “ring of fire” that was observed in Asia, the last eclipse of the year

From Saudi Arabia to Oman, through India and Southeast Asia, numerous astronomy lovers could enjoy the unusual perspective of the Moon and the Sun
The "ring of fire" observed from Tamil Nadu, in southern India

An annular eclipse of these characteristics occurs when the moon is not close enough to the Earth to completely cover the sun, revealing a thin solar ring.

These eclipses occur every one or two years and can only be seen from a narrow strip of the planet. View from Balut Island, Philippines.

Positions of the Sun and the Moon, from Malaysia.

Children watch the eclipse from Surabaya, Indonesia

This year, it was observed, when the weather conditions allowed, in the Middle East, in South India and in Southeast Asia, to the North Pacific.

"For the next one, we will have to wait about 40 years," said Jason Teng, 37, who took a day off at work to photograph the eclipse. The astronomer apprentice used a special sunscreen for his telescope, since it is dangerous for the eyes…

Can there be electric planes? The future of aviation is Greener than you think

Can planes be electric? Can planes fly without fossil fuels?
While flying cars may someday deliver on the Jetsons-like promise of buzzing around cities in robotic air taxis, the future of commercial aviation is no less tantalizing.Companies large and small are working on cleaning up the skies with electric airplanes, bringing back supersonic travel, and even flirting with the edge of space to transport passengers across the world.

Electric airplanes ready to fly?It’s been nearly 50 years since the first battery-powered aircraft, the Militky MB-E1, lifted off using a standard Bosch 10-kilowatt electric motor. There have been plenty of one-off stunts and experimental airplanes showcasing the potential of electrified aircraft in the ensuing decades, from the German e-Genius to Boeing’s hybrid E-Fan X.
But 2019 could prove to be the year that aviation historians mark as the first step toward commercial electric aircraft. Earlier this month, an electric motor developed by an Australian startu…

Kirigami technology: special paper folds itself when heated

Kirigami is a variant of the Japanese origami paper folding technique. 

Material scientists use the principle to design self-folding structures.With the help of heat, a special paper can be folded into a three-dimensional structure. When developing the material, the scientists led by Jie Yin from North Carolina State University in Raleigh (USA) were inspired by the Japanese Kirigami cutting and folding technique.

Thermal kirigami gripper.

Among other things, they used the technology to design a gripper and to develop a soft robot that has a kirigami body and pneumatic legs. The researchers present their work in the journal "Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences" (PNAS).

Kirigami-based turning soft robot.

Kirigami patterns become three-dimensional structures autonomouslyThis is the first case known to us in which 2-D Kirigami patterns autonomously transform into different 3-D structures without mechanical use, This is made possible by a three-layered sheet, the outer lay…

"Bread experiment" will help to teach children to wash their hands

It can be difficult for parents, caregivers and teachers to teach children to follow the basic rule of hygiene - to wash their hands.

Perhaps, when a child sees dirt on his fingers, he will wash them. But if his hands seem to be clean visually, he may decide that it is not necessary to wash them once again.Of course, it is not so easy for a child to understand what viruses and microbes are and what dangers they can pose to health.

Dayna Robertson and Jaralee Metcalf, both of whom work in the elementary school of the state of Idaho, USA, offered an original solution to this urgent problem.

On Facebook, Metcalf talked about a simple experiment conducted with third-grade students.

Slices of fresh white bread were used for the experiment.One of the slices went to students with unwashed hands, the second to students whose hands were treated with sanitizer, and the third to students who washed their hands with soap.

All the children had to do was touch the slices, after which each sample was sea…

The new Starliner spaceship will not be able to dock with the ISS and will return to Earth

When the ship separated from the launch vehicle, the ship’s engines did not turn on, NASA said.

The new American spacecraft Starliner, launched on Friday in unmanned operation to the International Space Station (ISS), will not be able to dock with it and will probably land within 48 hours.  This was announced at a press conference on Friday with the Director of NASA Jim Bridenstine and Vice President of Boeing Corporation Jim Chilton.
When the ship separated from the launch vehicle, there was no activation of the ship's engines, said the director of NASA. According to his assessment, a possible cause of malfunction - a failure in the ship's system of time synchronization. 
As a result of this failure, the ship went into the mode in which it was not supposed to be and was burned a large amount of fuel that was on board. - Since this fuel was used up, it seems that the ship will not be able to get close to the International Space Station (ISS).

Boeing's Starliner Launch to the In…

NASA head: new space technology to provide U.S. access to space after 2030

Jim Brydenstein also noted that the International Space Station is not eternal.

The new US spacecrafts will provide access to space by 2030, when the International Space Station (ISS) may expire. This was announced by NASA Director Jim Bridenstine at a press conference on Thursday at Cape Canaveral in connection with the launch of a new U.S. spacecraft called Starliner. His speech was streamed on the NASA website.
ISS will stay operational until 2030.We all know that the International Space Station is not eternal, he said. - The U.S. House of Representatives and the U.S. Senate are considering bills to extend the life of the station until 2030. This is very important, but we need to think about what will happen after 2030. 
Right now, ensuring the launch of U.S. astronauts from U.S. territory on U.S. rockets, in order to ensure that access to Earth orbit is continuous.
According to the NASA director, attention should be paid to the commercialization of orbital flights. The two most promis…

Glitch makes Borderlands 3 fan lose his complete loot

A Borderlands 3 fan has lost all his painstakingly collected weapons and items due to an unfortunate glitch. But you can rely on the community to help him out with a touching gift campaign.

Imagine playing Borderlands 3 since the release and slowly finding everything you need. But then you suddenly lose all your equipment: weapons, items, everything gone.

This is exactly what evidently happened to a Borderlands 3 player who complained about his misery on the Borderlands 3 subreddit.
But the rollercoaster ride of emotions doesn't end here: The community helps the fan out and virtually pours loot over him to make up for the loss.

Glitch makes Borderland's 3-fan lose his entire loot
Nasty surprise: Reddit user Jimmy2times13 reports in Borderlands 3-Subreddit that he logged in as usual, only to find in horror that his entire inventory stock and the bank had been emptied. Apparently a glitch cost him all weapons, artifacts, class mods and shields.
The borderlands glitch was actually pat…

RSC Energia began work on an “elevator” for delivering goods to the moon

The Corporation is preparing proposals to create a transport module that can land on the surface of the Earth’s natural satellite

Rocket and Space Corporation (RSC) Energia began to work out the concept of a module for transporting goods between the moon and the lunar orbital station. 
This was reported by a TASS source in the rocket and space industry.
“Energia is preparing proposals to create a lunar transport module that can land on the surface of the Earth’s natural satellite and then take off. 
The main purpose of the device is to deliver cargo both from the station to the moon and vice versa,” the source said.
RSC Energia was unable to provide TASS with operational comment.
According to Dmitry Rogozin, director general of Roscosmos, at the Vostochny cosmodrome cosmodrome, the corporation plans to create a “universal elevator” that will be able to lower cargo from the near-moon station to the moon by order of international partners. 
The head of the corporation noted that the project ca…

UK government introduces Brexit bill to parliament

The British government introduced a bill on Thursday in Parliament on the withdrawal of the country from the European Union.

Voting on the Brexit bill is scheduled for December 20.The bill includes a "divorce" deal with the EU scheduled for January 31, 2020. The document specifically mentions that the transition period, which should follow immediately after the Brexit date, will end on December 31, 2020 and cannot be extended. 
During this phase, when the UK and the EU will continue to exist as if Brexit did not exist, the parties intend to conclude an agreement on future trade relations. The vote on this bill is scheduled for December 20.
Based on the news that the transition period is limited to 11 months and doubts of some experts about the possibility of concluding a trade agreement in such a short time the British pound rate continued to fall. 
On Thursday, the rate fell by 0.2% against the dollar to $1.30 per pound. This is five cents less than last Friday, when the Britis…

Human DNA was obtained from a piece of fossil resin dated 5.7 thousand years ago.

Scientists from the University of Copenhagen were able to obtain human DNA from a piece of resin aged 5.7 thousand years, found during archaeological excavations in the town of Syltholm in southern Denmark. 

Ancient dna newsIn the past, this material was used as gum by people living in the areas of present-day Europe. The results of a study of a piece of resin carried out by Danish scientists have been published in the British scientific journal Nature Communications.

Thanks to the DNA sample, the scientists produced a portrait of a woman who lived in the Neolithic Age (10,000 to 4,500 BC). Researchers believe that she had a gum disease, so she chewed on a piece of birch resin that contains natural antiseptic betulin. At that time, this material was also used as glue.

"It's unbelievable that we were able to get full human DNA from something other than bone," said project manager Hannes Schröder in a press release from the university.

Ancient dna analysisAccording to scientis…

Do dogs understand quantity? | Canine sense of quantity

Dogs can record basic numerical quantities and rely on similar brain regions to humans, according to brain scans.

This result proves that the neuronal foundations of our complex mathematical abilities originated early in the evolutionary history of mammals, scientists say.

Can other animals do math?Studies in recent years have shown that many animal species can distinguish roughly between different sets of objects. This seems to make sense because the numerical quantity perception enables the animals, for example, to better assess groups of enemies or food items. 

This ability seems to be widespread in mammals and has already been proven in dogs: The four-legged friends can differentiate between quantities from different numbers of objects.

How do you develop number sense?As far as humans are concerned, research on babies has shown that our sense of quantity can develop very early. This is the basis for the later development of the higher mathematical abilities of our species. According t…