Do real Flying Cars exist Today?

Do real Flying Cars exist Today?

Since the onset of the 20th century when automobiles and airplanes were both invented almost simultaneously, talk of building a flying car began almost immediately. 

Though the concept seems simple at the time, each attempt ended in failure, still the dream was unshakable. 

The 1960s featured a flying car in the movie Chitty Chitty Bang Bang, followed soon after by the futuristic Jetsons cartoon where George Jetson flew his vehicle to work every day the 70s and. 80s gave us more with Star Wars back to the future. now they're finally here


Do real Flying Cars exist Today?
pal v1

What is that is it a three-wheeled motorcycle no it's a helicopter and a flying car, it's the sleek and stylish pal v1, an amazing car and gyroplane hybrid from Dutch company pal V.  on the road the two passenger pal V performs like a sports car accelerating from zero to 60 in just eight seconds. 

Leaning into turns like a well engineered motorcycle, and it's an off the chart driving experience. switching to airplane is surprisingly easy, with just a few simple steps to deploy the tail and rotors you're ready to take to the air. 

The engineers at Powell V puts safety first, in the unlikely event of an engine failure the pal V ones gyroplane technology and auto rotors allow it to be steered to a safe landing.

Truly a door-to-door means of transportation, the pal V ones design could be the best example of what's coming to a driveway near you.

Do real Flying Cars exist Today?

While many drivers have longed for a flying car, many pilots have wished for a light aircraft they could drive on the road.

Well American company Terrafugia has come to the rescue with a street-legal airplane madefor pilots. 

This is a two-seat state-of-the-art vehicle with carbon fiber construction glass, avionics and a host of innovative technologies. 

The mechanical wings fold or unfold automatically in just a few seconds allowing it to fit easily into any garage or standard parking space. 

The fuel economy on the road is great, coming in at 35 miles per gallon and the flight range is 400 miles with a 30-minute reserve, so it doesn't matter if you're driving or flying the it.

Runs on premium unleaded gasoline, eliminating the expensive jet fuel and making it easy quick fill up at your local gas station and it's ready to go.

Do real Flying Cars exist Today?
arrow mobile 3.0

This is the arrow mobile 3.0, arguably one of the most spectacular looking flying cars to take through the air. 

So far the prototype was manufactured by air mobile SRO in Slovakia and flight testing began in October of 2014. 

With this advanced engineering spacecraft like design and futuristic interior avionics the Aero mobile looks like a miniature space shuttle from secret government projects.

Not only can the Aero mobile land at any Airport in the world but give it a few hundred meters of flat grass or paved surface and you can land it there too. 

When it's automatic wings retract it becomes one of the most gorgeous street-legal cars on the planet. poweredby regular automotive gasoline, it's powerful Rotax 912 engine propels the Aero mobile 3.0 to air speeds in excess of 125 miles an hour and ground speeds of a hundred miles an hour plus.

Understandably the production model will cost hundreds of thousands of dollars, but there's no doubt in anyone's mind that flying cars are on the horizon and not too distant in the future we'll be able to jump into our cars every morning and take to the skies.